Shared Resources Core


Core C is designed as the Shared Resources Core.  It will provide a number of centralized services to meet the key glycoscience analytical techniques required to achieve the aims set forth in each Project of this PEG.  This core is central to the goals of the Program, offering several highly innovative technologies created by Program scientists specifically to interrogate glycan structure and function, and ensuring proper execution of a variety of technically-demanding procedures.  The Core is divided into 4 components: (1) Glycoanalytic Component; (2) Adhesion Assay Component; (3) Ex Vivo Glycan Engineering Component; and (4) In Vitro Glycosyltransferase and Glycosidase Component.  This core realizes the Program’s intent to sustain an experimentally integrated effort, and ensures that data derived from glycoscience-specialized activities will be uniformly reproducible among all the Projects

Dr. Vernon Reinhold is an applied structural biologist focused on the details of molecular glycosylation. The tools and instrumentation used in this effort revolve around mass measurement of fragments derived from multiple stage disassembly of molecular ions. This detailed analytical approach embraces the chemistry of carbohydrates, the principles and operation of ion trap mass spectrometry, and the physics of molecular fragmentation. Reinhold is director of The Glycomics Center, College of Life Sciences, University of New Hampshire. He holds Professorships in the Biochemistry and Chemistry Departments. Previous to joining the faculty at the University of New Hampshire Reinhold was Professor in Microbiology for two years at Boston University Medical School and Lecturer at Harvard University Medical School for twenty-five years .

Dr. David Ashline received his B.S. degree in medical technology from the State University of New York at Plattsburgh.  Between undergraduate and graduate school, he worked in the clinical chemistry laboratory at Rochester General Hospital in Rochester, NY.  He obtained his Ph.D. in chemistry from the University of Massachusetts, Lowell analyzing thiol compounds involved in one-carbon metabolism.  He then did post-doctoral work at the University of New Hampshire with Vernon Reinhold performing mass spectrometric analysis of carbohydrates.  He has worked in the glycomics field since 2004.


Contact Information:
Vernon Reinhold, Ph.D.
University of New Hampshire Glycomics Center
Molecular Cellular and Biomedical Sciences
35 Colovos Road
Durham, New Hampshire 03824
Office Number: 603-862-2527